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How Family and Primary Care Can Benefit Your Life

How Family and Primary Care Can Benefit Your Life

Keeping track of your changing health needs can be tough — especially if you have a family, or a busy schedule, or as you simply get older. A family and primary care doctor makes staying healthy easier by acting as a sort of “health liaison,” making sure you get the medical treatments, health screenings, lab tests, vaccinations, and even specialist referrals as you need them.

The team at Triad Primary Care in Greensboro, North Carolina, is dedicated to providing comprehensive, patient-centered care for every member of your family, from kids to seniors and everyone in between. Here are six ways family and primary care can help you and your loved ones stay healthy.

1. Sick visits and acute medical needs

Our healthcare providers are skilled in diagnosing and treating acute illnesses and injuries, including cold and flu, asthma and allergies, and sprains and strains. In fact, you might associate “sick visits” with your primary care doctor. That’s because family doctors are trained to help patients of all ages feel better and prevent complications that can happen when you have an illness or injury.

2. Chronic disease management

Millions of Americans have chronic diseases, which are ongoing medical issues, like high blood pressure, diabetes, arthritis, heart disease, and asthma. Unlike acute illnesses that can usually be treated in one (or maybe two) visits, chronic medical issues require long-term treatment to stay healthy. Our primary care providers work closely with every patient to ensure chronic disease management plans stay on track. We can also make adjustments as your needs change.

3. Preventive care

Treating illnesses and chronic health issues is a big part of what we do, but of course, it’s not all we do. Staying healthy doesn’t just “happen.” Most of us need a little help from time to time, whether that means getting vaccinated, having a medical screening, losing extra weight, quitting smoking, or taking other steps to improve our health and wellness. These steps are part of preventive care aimed at helping you avoid disease and keeping you healthy. 

Annual physicals play a leading role in preventive care, and so do routine medical screenings and lab tests. Our team can create a preventive care plan based specifically on your health needs, risk factors, and lifestyle.

4. Care that changes with your needs

One of the standout benefits of seeing a primary care doctor is having one doctor who oversees your care and your health needs every single year. That’s called continuity of care, and it’s really important for making sure your health care stays attuned to your needs. 

By comparing your record from one year to the next, we can spot subtle changes that might be a sign of a developing problem. Plus, if you take medications, we can make sure they don’t interact in negative ways. We can also ensure you get important medical screenings based on your personal and family health history.

5. Specialty care and referrals

Sometimes, staying healthy means seeking specialty care for specific illnesses, diseases, or other medical problems. If you need care beyond what our office provides, our team can refer you to a specialist that suits your unique medical needs. 

Even though you may be seeing someone outside the practice for specialty care, we still keep track of your treatments to maintain your updated health records to serve as an accurate basis for any future treatment you might need.

6. Medical guidance

Most of us have health concerns from time to time, even if we don’t have any specific symptoms. Our team is always on hand to discuss your concerns, answer questions, and help you feel confident and in control of your life and your health.

Your personal healthcare team

Seeing a primary care doctor on a regular basis is like having a health expert on your team, helping you stay healthy at every stage of life. To learn more about the family medical care we offer for patients of all ages, call 336-800-8958 or book an appointment online with us at Triad Primary Care today.

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