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Family & Primary Care Specialist

Triad Primary Care

Primary Care & Internal Medicine located in Greensboro, NC

For all your most basic non-emergency medical needs, family & primary care offer preventive care, testing, treatments, and wellness guidance. At Triad Primary Care in Greensboro, North Carolina, you and your family members can receive health services such as physical examinations and chronic disease management. To schedule your next appointment, call Triad Primary Care or book online today.

Family & Primary Care Q&A

What is family and primary care?

Family and primary care are two close-knit medical specialties that cover common medical needs. Primary care providers can be internal medicine specialists or family medicine specialists, but their main purpose is to meet all of your most basic health care needs.

You and your loved ones can visit Triad Primary Care for preventive care and acute and chronic care. If you need specialty care, your provider gladly coordinates it with specialists you can trust. 

Your family and primary care provider also promotes better health and wellness for you and your loved ones, offering personalized advice for lifestyle and nutritional adjustments. 

Which services do family and primary care include?

The family and primary care providers at Triad Primary Care offer plenty of basic health and wellness services that can benefit you at any age. They can help you figure out which services you need and when you need them. You can get:

Physical examinations

A physical exam is part of any well-rounded preventive care plan. It gives you an opportunity to brush up on wellness recommendations and check on multiple aspects of your health. It can even lead to early diagnoses of various diseases.

Labs and testing

Triad Primary Care collects blood work, offers COVID-19 testing, flu testing, and strep testing, and has X-ray imaging available to detect injuries or conditions. 

Sick visits

You can schedule a sick visit for yourself or a loved one to address symptoms that are new or seem to be getting worse. Walk-in appointments are available for urgent sick visits.

Chronic disease management

Your primary care provider can assist you in managing long-term health conditions such as hypertension, diabetes, and arthritis. 

Who benefits from family and primary care?

Family and primary care stand out because the two specialties have broad scopes and apply to patients of all ages. That means you, your children, and even your parents and grandparents can all get care from the same providers. 

Triad Primary Care welcomes individuals of all ages as well as whole families. Your provider gets to know you over time and familiarizes themselves with your medical history, lifestyle, and preferences. With this model, you and your relatives receive top-tier personalized care that suits you. 

Your family and primary care provider can also make referrals to trustworthy, knowledgeable specialists in your area in any other medical field. 

Find out more about family and primary care services by calling Triad Primary Care or booking an appointment online today.