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Labs, Testing & X-Rays Specialist

Triad Primary Care

Primary Care & Internal Medicine located in Greensboro, NC

Labs, Testing & X-Rays offer insight into your health that you can’t get without them. At Triad Primary Care in Greensboro, North Carolina, expert providers offer labs and testing plus X-rays for injuries or other undiagnosed conditions. If you develop new or worsening symptoms, suffer a broken bone, or need to track your treatment progress, call Triad Primary Care for labs, testing, or X-rays or book an appointment online today.

Labs, Testing & X-Rays Q&A

What are labs, testing, and X-rays?

Labs, testing, and X-rays are all services that can aid in diagnosing various diseases and injuries. Lab work often involves blood tests, swab tests, or urinalysis, which gives you a glimpse into your body’s chemistry and any existing infections. 

X-rays are imaging tests that use electromagnetic radiation to produce a black and white image of the inside of your body. Using them, your provider at Triad Primary Care can identify an injury like a broken bone or see if you have an illness like pneumonia. 

Both X-rays and lab testing can lead to more accurate diagnoses, but they serve other purposes too. For example, lab testing helps your provider evaluate the success of various treatments or track a disease’s progress over time, such as high cholesterol or diabetes. They can also make predictions about your health in the near future.

Which lab tests can I get?

Triad Primary Care offers a range of lab tests, many of which involve drawing your blood or taking a swab sample. Depending on your symptoms and concerns, you can get:

Sexually transmitted disease (STD) testing

STDs are infections that spread through sexual contact. Your provider can help you decide which STDs to test for, such as chlamydia, gonorrhea, hepatitis, or human immunodeficiency virus (HIV). 

COVID-19 testing

COVID-19 is an infectious disease that causes respiratory symptoms as well as others like fever and fatigue. You can get a rapid or PCR test for a current infection. 

Flu testing

Flu testing can show whether or not you have a strain of the influenza virus if you have symptoms such as fever, fatigue, body aches, or a cough. 

Rapid strep testing

Rapid strep testing gives you immediate results. It involves a quick throat swab and tells you if you have a sore throat from strep throat, which comes from streptococcus bacteria. 

Tuberculosis (TB) testing

TB skin testing or blood testing can detect an infection of tuberculosis, a respiratory disease that causes coughing, chest pain, and weakness. 

Blood work

Blood work gives you details about the chemistry of your blood, including red blood cell count and white blood cell count. The results can show signs of infection, immune system dysfunction, nutrient deficiencies, and other conditions. 

What are the advantages of on-site labs, testing, and X-rays?

On-site lab testing and X-rays save you the time and cost it would take to go to a second location for the evaluations you need. Your provider at Triad Primary Care is able to give you the lab tests or imaging tests necessary for your care almost immediately after recommending them. That means no cost or time of travel to another location. 

Additionally, on-site labs and X-rays allow you to access your results rapidly. For you as the patient, that means you can get earlier diagnoses, make timely decisions in regards to your treatment, and keep all information between you and your home clinic.

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