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Why Are Physical Exams So Important?

Why Are Physical Exams So Important?

While most people think of seeing the doctor only when they’re sick, regular visits are also essential for preventing illnesses and staying healthy. The CDC says that when it comes to preventive care, having a regular physical exam is an important part of staying healthy at every stage of life.

At Triad Primary Care, we offer comprehensive physical exams for patients of all ages at our practice in Greensboro, North Carolina. If you’re not sure why you need a physical exam when you feel perfectly fine, these seven reasons explain how having an exam can help you continue to stay healthy, even as you age.

1. They provide a record of your health

One of the most important reasons to have regular physical exams is to have an updated and ongoing record of your health, including any health problems you’ve had and any treatments or surgeries you’ve undergone. Your record also reflects your allergies, medication interactions, and lifestyle factors that could have a bearing on your health and medical care.

2. They identify problems early

By keeping track of your health over time, your provider can be in a better position to spot subtle changes that could indicate the very earliest stage of a disease or medical problem. Identifying an issue early means you can receive treatment as soon as possible — ideally during that early stage when treatments tend to be most effective.

3. They keep your preventive care up-to-date

During your physical exam, your provider recommends health screenings based on your specific risk factors, like your age or personal or family medical histories. They also discuss immunizations that can help prevent serious diseases. Regular preventive care plays a vital role in helping you stay healthy at every stage of life.

4. They ensure your evolving health needs are met

No matter how healthy your lifestyle may be, your health needs change as you get older. Yearly physical exams identify changes in your health so our team can recommend screenings, treatments, or lifestyle changes to keep your healthy lifestyle on track.

5. They give you a chance to ask questions

It’s common to have questions or concerns about your health, and having regular physical exams allows you to get the answers you’re looking for — not from the anonymous internet, but from a skilled medical professional who knows your personal health history. It’s also a really good time to discuss emotional health issues, like stress, anxiety, or depression symptoms.

6. They help you play a proactive role in your health

During your visit, we may recommend screenings, immunizations, or tests to help you stay healthy. But we may also suggest lifestyle changes to help you lead a healthier life. By meeting regularly with your provider, you can take a more active role in your wellness plan by developing habits focused on your unique needs.

7. They help you build a rapport with your doctor

Your health is your most important asset, so you want to feel comfortable with the person providing your care. Regular visits allow you to build trust with your provider, helping you feel comfortable talking openly and frankly about even the most sensitive issues. Plus, when you build that bond of trust, you gain the peace of mind that comes from knowing your provider is focused squarely on your best interests.

Our team offers a variety of physicals based on your specific health needs, including general or annual physicals, school physicals, sports physicals, and regular physicals required by employers. To book your appointment, call 336-800-8958 or click here today.

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