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We Offer Remote Visits: The Benefits of Telehealth

We Offer Remote Visits: The Benefits of Telehealth

Regular doctor visits help you stay healthy at every age and every stage of life, but making time for visits isn’t always easy. Telehealth helps you get the medical care you need right from your own home or anywhere else with a secure internet connection.

At Triad Primary Care, our team uses telehealth to make sure our patients in Greensboro, North Carolina, have access to the highest level of care wherever life takes them — at home, at work, or even on vacation.

Advantages telehealth can offer you

Not sure if telehealth is right for you? Here are seven benefits our team wants you to know about.

1. Saves time

With a telehealth visit, there’s no need to spend time traveling to and from the office, which can be a major timesaver. And, even though we do our best to limit time spent in our waiting room, when you have a telehealth visit, you skip the waiting room entirely. (Bonus: When you’re not traveling to our location, you don’t have to worry about weather, gas, or parking, either.)

2. Fits your schedule

Most of us lead really busy lives, and carving out minutes and even hours for a doctor visit can seem pretty impossible at times. Telehealth lets you schedule an appointment when it’s most convenient for you (or your loved ones). That means you don’t have to use a vacation day to see your doctor or take your kids out of school to receive care.

3. Makes follow-up simple

Some medical issues can be handled in a single visit. But other issues might need one or more follow-up visits to check your progress and ensure the effectiveness of your ongoing treatment. With telehealth, most follow-up visits can be conducted virtually so you can get the care you need without rearranging your schedule.

4. Helps you manage chronic health conditions

High blood pressure, diabetes, heart ailments, and other chronic medical issues need regular doctor visits to oversee treatment and prevent medical issues from getting worse. Telehealth lets you manage your chronic medical needs without constantly traveling to our offices.

5. Limits exposure to illness

Telehealth visits exploded in popularity during the recent COVID-19 “lockdown,” as patients sought medical care without potentially exposing themselves to the virus. The fact is, any visit to a doctor’s office or urgent care center potentially exposes you to germs that cause colds, flu, or other illnesses. 

Telehealth visits eliminate that exposure, making these visits ideal for immunocompromised patients and anyone who wants to reduce their risk of getting sick. It works in “reverse,” too: If you’re the one who’s sick, having a telehealth visit keeps you from spreading germs to others.

6. Enhances time spent with your doctor

Visiting the doctor’s office often comes with a certain amount of stress. Just fitting a visit into your already-packed schedule can make you feel a little anxious. Stress is distracting — and if you’re not fully focused on your visit, it’s easy to forget questions or concerns you planned to discuss.

Having your visit in your home or in another comfortable environment reduces stress, so you focus on your care and build a deeper doctor-patient bond moving forward.

7. Helps you stay healthy

Sure, we all know doctor visits are important. But it’s not uncommon to put off an appointment or even cancel appointments if our schedules are already busy. Because telehealth visits happen on your schedule, it’s a lot easier to make your health care a priority so you can get the medical attention you need to stay healthy.

Learn more about telehealth

Whether you prefer virtual visits or in-person appointments, our team is always ready to help you live your healthiest life. To learn more about the telehealth services we offer or to schedule a visit, call 336-800-8958 or book an appointment online at Triad Primary Care today.

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